This is a GNU Screen style program to multiplex and provide remote attach/detach support to a terminal emulator backend.

It works with two pieces: sessions and screens. A session is a collection of screens and a screen is one backend terminal emulator.

attach must be run inside a terminal emulator itself. For best results, use the GUI frontend provided in this package, but it will also work on most others like the linux console or xterm. You can also use a nested terminal emulator with it if you want.

Controls by default are based on screen. Differences are:

C-a D: detach the current screen from the session C-a C: attach a specific screen to the session

C-a t: toggle taskbar. The taskbar will show a tab in green if it has a beep.

C-a <colon>: start command line attach socket_name

You can edit session files in ~/.detachable-terminals with a text editor.



struct Session